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This Friday was definitely unlike most of the Friday’s I enjoy with my friends. We usually have our days of sitting around and watching movies or going out and enjoying the night life, as the creatures of the night that we are, but I never would have expected (in all my years) that I would go out on a scavenger hunt looking for a drunk person we’ve never met before.

Before having set our eyes on something that was NOT what we intended to search, let alone look for, we had our little dilemma to deal with at first.. WHAT TO DO ON A FRIDAY NIGHT?!

Yup, that age-old question that rears its nasty face in front of your own with a mallet to cause you all the more headaches than what you already had in the first place was staring us right dead in the face(s). Usually Friday’s are filled with us going out to certain places (sometimes abandoned ones for some awesome pictures and scares, if there is any) or to a friend’s house for a party or get-together, watch movies at Jess’ apartment or talk nonsense and let the bullshit pile high to the sky. Though it wasn’t like that this time. And after heading over to our friend Micheal’s house along with swinging from the swing-sets and sliding down the slide and strapping Brian’s legs together with his Tripp pants at the small, yet convenient park; we were told to meet a friend of Micheal’s at FIU (Florida International University).

It then began, this scavenger hunt of ours, for the girl who answered to Amber. On top of this, without our knowledge, we were later told (better late than never) that she was drunk.

-Hand me my map, a bottle of Vodka and a scavenging we’ll go!” HAHA XD

An hour, a few phone calls, and a relay later we found the Amber girl and it was off to the birthday party, listening Neuroticfish. ❀

Walking in, I found my self in a Victorian Wonderland in the living room of this house, well, greeting room, but it is their living room for show. Sat in the chair and I felt right at home in the luxurious, splendor of the beautiful furniture and mirror. haha, maybe my reflection won’t show. Oh well!

But I devoured the cookies they brought, Jess being my partner in crime was a part of the cookie caper. So who ate the cookies in the cookie jar? πŸ˜‰

But hell! If I had this Zombie Cookie Jar I’d become a monster watching over the damn thing! X,.,X MY ZOMBIE!!!

In the end, after having our little “fun” at this “party” – more of a get together as I said before, we were then left with a drunk Micheal (after he drank 3 beers); REMEMBER KIDS DON’T CHUG THE FIRST ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE… Otherwise you’ll become intoxicated sooner than you can say “sonoma“.

*sigh* But we enjoyed the night and had our laughs, although from now on, though it is good to search for and keep watch of people when intoxicated and in such a defenseless state, we should not look or be the babysitter for a person we do not know who decided to become a drunk, brainless body for a night. Last time I checked, I have not a tag on my skirt or on the back of my shirt that says “Babysitter for the Unknown Drunks”..