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Macaroni and Cheese! A childhood favorite and a dish that is so versatile, yet easily screwed up and made a terrible mess of. So of course, your next best thing is always (rather than getting creative in the kitchen) settling for the boxed Mac N’ Cheese from Kraft or simply buying, the inevitable and dreaded, JUNK FOOD. *inserts dramatic gasp*
But, wait, wait! Before wasting money you don’t have on food that is not even worth the $30 – $40, why don’t you turn you sights to the blog Rantings of an Amateur Chef for a real kick-ass recipe for Macaroni and Cheese!
I was curious to try it out myself and though I have my creative nature in the kitchen, the Macaroni and Cheese I make (though 5 stars to the family); I’ve not had the idea of combining such a delicious blend of wholegrain mustard and pumpkin seeds with a mature Cheddar cheese in any of my Macaroni and Cheese inventions. It was mind blowing! Not at all something you would think of combining with such a pasta dish, but boy was this yummy!
I most certainly say; if you have not tried this out yet, you must give it a go and devour it!

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

While there are so many ways to adapt Mac and Cheese beyond the standard, I find that I rarely do it. Based on the recipe below from Rob at Taste and Light, I think I should vary it more often. Take a look at Taste and Light and the recipe below….

It seems to me that one of the joys of blogging is sharing. It may sound a bit obvious but just lately I have been reading more and more blogs and thought, that’s me! I have felt like that / done that / been through that. And it can be comforting, reassuring and sometimes amusing.

We have a comedian here in the UK, Michael McIntyre, who has the gift of talking about little everyday things, the minutiae of life in such a way that has you howling at the screen, tears of laughter rolling down your cheeks, thinking –…

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