The good doctor! What can’t you learn from this humorous, sci-fi comedy.

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     I really started watching the series when it began again in 2005.  I became quickly enamored with the show.  The witty banters, the quick humor, the physical comedy, brilliantly imaginative story lines and great characters sucked me like a black hole.  I am now a huge fan of the show and even use the theme song as my ringtone. These are just a few quick morals I’ve pulled from the show and how they may relate to us- non-Time Lord boring old mortals.


Loyalty~ When someone is willing to travel halfway across the galaxy and back placing their complete trust in you; you show some respect.

Trust~ Trust is key when traveling.  You may never know when you’ll find yourself falling in the skies of London during the Blitzkrieg wearing a Union Jack shirt.  You may need the assistance of a handsome stranger and his handy…

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