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February 21st (Thursday), we celebrated my moms birthday. Nothing too big, just a little family birthday celebration. Before heading off to the beach, I baked the cakes and wished my mom a happy birthday.



Leaving a note with some instructions on what to do right after the cakes cooled shouldn’t be too difficult for them- do you think? I certainly hope not.

A day at the beach was well deserved, what with the crazy life style I have- not to mention a few nut cases. But the walk on the way to Jess’ apartment is also well worth it, although I do make sure to rub on sunlotion, especially when the sun is at its highest peak. Thankfully that doesn’t begin until noon, which just so happened to be the time we arrived to the beach. This of course is how I come to the story of how the pale ones received their individual sunburns (Me, Tony and Alex).

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a day (Thursday) at the beach, and my trip to South Beach with Jess and our friends Alex, Tony and Abdel (along with some Popeye’s chicken) was loads of fun. Although, before soaking ourselves in the water, Jess and I packed on the sunscreen and out to the refreshing (yet cold) 72° – 74° F water. We were the troopers since we went in first (the boys wanted to cash in on some sun and a few beers).

After a few tumbles from the waves that didn’t want us to surface for a breath of air, the guys then decided to join the two of us. Of course the poor boys finally realized how cold it was when something shrunk, haha. XD

But never the less we enjoyed the motion of the ocean, the guys their warm piss beer (beer, I’m not a fan of) and me, burning away. Yet I withstood the strong rays and heat from the sun with only on coat of sunscreen for half the day; not bad. I was a lovely snowy, milk white. But apparently the sun didn’t want us to leave the beach with so little Vitamin D and without the victory of not becoming tan for when we packed up to go, not only I, but Tony and Alex were leaving with our own distinct sunburn.
It was easily recognized who had the worst (Tony), but if the three of us stood side by side the order would begin with: Tony (being the worst), Alex (not as bad, but still red) and I being the one with a mild sunburn yet still with a tinge of red to the delicate white skin.
After a shower and nice nap at Jess’, it was then home bound to finish frosting and pipping the cake. I was almost birthday ready for mami. ❤


Sunburnt and eating tuna with crackers. Yummy ❤


The crazy shit we see at the beach. Only here in Miami.


More horsing around?


Derp face and dead bodies. Hey, I’m aloud a snack at the beach too!


The beginnings of an awful sunburn. *pssstch* ouch >,.,<


Saying the numbers in Polish! Yeah, I need to know more of my other languages.




Demons are coming to get you? haha XD


❤ Jess and I


Yay! Snowy, milky white! Slowly returning back to my pale palor.. The sunburn has left a red tan..




Wind in my hair!


Floral side of the Koi fish bottle opener.


Catching some Z’s


haha, cute


Awww, ❤


Oh Tony, you are so cute.


Pretty smiles!


Three breasts and a horse head


Are those real? HELL NO!



Photo’s from the beach album. It was invigorating and if you are by any chance curious on whether or not we really did see a girl with three (fake) boobs and a horses head, then yes. We did. Apparently we seem to be the ones who always see this weird stuff. haha XD

But here’s how the cake turned out, and the pipe work, far better than last time. It seems when I’m down it affects me more than ever now. Damn!






Pipping my heart out I did, and this was a small project and one that I do enjoy. Afterwards of course, a whole bottle of Aloe Vera was well needed and a night without being bundled up in the covers.

Remember to keep your skin protected and sun proof and always be sure to add on a second coat. Especially the fair skinned.

Tons of Love Bites,