I’m so drained and I feel exhausted. A few more minutes in bed won’t hurt. But the nagging little voice keeps saying to get up, do your sit ups and get moving on today’s chores.
First thing’s first, eat an apple or 3/4 to 1/2 (of any fruit really) wait 20 minutes to get the blood sugar high and while waiting, begin sit ups. I should be more on top of them since I know I need to do sit ups more than ever now. Spinal taps or lumbarb punctures leave your spine weak in certain areas, and makes it feel almost stiff. So to rid the feeling (and strengthen the abdominals) sit ups are on the menu and some good back stretches.
But it’s high time I get out of bed. Though I need the rest, things have to get done here. They won’t do it themselves you know (ha! I wish).

Breakfast of the day:
– apple (20 minutes before)
– glass of water and a blueberry-strawberry smoothie (simply done with ice, milk and vanilla extract and a plain greek yogurt, gives it a nice texture)
– tomato on pastrami on rye bread, accompanied with eggs, and mushrooms cooked with green onions, black pepper and parsley