So now that they’re done, I can finally show you how they turned out. I’m quite proud of them although it seems that hedgehog developed a tumor in the process… T,.,T noooo!!!
Ah well, time for surgery!
Sadly it seems that surgery wasn’t enough, for my dad decapitated my poor, little creature.
R.I.P Hedgehog

But not too worry, his tiny head is in a safe place, although as for his thoughts, we’ll just leave that for another time.

Well here are the yummy breakfast breads that I made. Two filled with nutella (the caterpillar and lotus bun) and one plain (the hedgehog)- which goes well with butter. But you on the first phase of the Montignac Method, sorry kiddies; you cannot have a bite. If anything, make them and feed it to other people in your family or give it to someone you know would appreciate a kind gesture and devouring a delicious looking bread loaf. Of course I can’t promise you that they will hold back any tears after their murder. Make sure you take fingerprints off the culprits!








I’ll put up the recipes (one for those not on phase 1 and another for a montignac approved breakfast bread).

Tons of Love Bites,