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It was nearly a month of waiting I did for the arrival of a most important (and well deserved) package, that I was too impatient for, from Sweden. After having gone through such a long wait (it was well worth it I assure you) on the night of January 19, I walked my happy self to the mailbox and waiting inside the enclosed plastic, safe-house was a bright green envelope with my name on it. What were the contents of the package you ask? It was, if you recall the post I made about a Victorian Collar I ordered from Adora BatBrat, you are right on!

I made the purchase though around the 11th of November, so of course, me being that one insane customer to order something right before the holidays, I had to wait with a smile and the patience of a noble woman. I did wonderfully too if I say so myself, but my concern grew a bit when I had forgotten how busy it is during that time of the year, so emailing BatBrat Co. made my spirits lift about the delayed package when Adora had answered my worried email, and with that I was set and waited till the very moment it arrived to the US from dear Sweden. ❤

My pale shoulders will now thank me forever as well as Adora for I will no longer get such horrible red burns (as I mentioned before, I don’t tan..I cook in the sun). And the lovely letter from Adora was so very sweet. ❤

Thank you so much Adora BatBrat! ❤ And for you little lovely’s out there, if you’re looking fro something that is dark/era theme-oriented/lace/make up, you must check out her online shop, http://www.batbrat.com/en/. You will not be disappointed, I most certainly am not.


The stamp is neat! I wish here they had nice stamps.

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