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If there’s one thing I like more than treating myself to a nice lunch or a special treat, it’s treating myself to a special lunch date with three lovely darling girls that I’ve come to love and be happy they’re part of my life (Jeannie, Aisha, Chef Monica).

But lunch dates are fun when things go according to plan and have no stressful interruptions. Sadly though, our lunch date (last week Thursday) was put on hold mid-way right when our delicious food had arrived to our table. Darn! I should have taken photos of the food. You would have loved them, but I will next time! ^,.,^

Now that our lunch date was dampened by a little bit of some mishaps, another lunch date is to be planned and this time; NO INTERRUPTIONS! A bit of a break in the piano room was well deserved and I had an itching to compose some new music.

But jumping ahead of the bullet here, the day was loads of fun towards the end what with helping out a friend in a photo-shoot. Although, even though I was 18 stories above the ground starring down a hole that could lead to my death (I was extremely careful), it was well worth the fun and hard work with getting some of the posses and shots. No hassle at all come to think of it. It went off with a bang! haha I cannot wait to see the photos once they’ve been uploaded (though I’ve seen them already). I’ll show some when they’re up and ready.

Well, it’s off to go bake a cake and get ready for the birthday celebration of my friend Brian. He’s a Valentine’s Day baby, aww, I’m sure it gets sickening after a while if someone doesn’t give you the proper card or cake. But Jess and I are always the bakers. ❤ ^,.,^

Tons of Love Bites,