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I do apologize for such a  late post on this, but it had not croseed my mind until now (very late, shame on me) to post some of my crafts since I was asked for ideas or DIY crafts. Well, here are quite a bit of the little here and there mini art works I’ve done from December (Christmas Holiday). Sorry for the delay. Hope you can forgive me and not stake me right in the heart. Garlic won’t work on me, it’s practically in all my meals. Mmmm… yummy and good for you!

Christmas crafting:



Time for hearts <3 lilac and red pair perfectly.

Time for hearts ❤ Lilac and red pair perfectly.


Painting the next brownie jar

IMG_4294IMG_4296IMG_4300IMG_4298IMG_4303IMG_4304IMG_4306IMG_4307IMG_4311IMG_4314IMG_4312IMG_4318IMG_4316IMG_4315IMG_4326 Mimi is watching.