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A film that I have litttle to no patience in waiting to see any more; “WARM BODIES”  has captivated the attention of anyone to everyone, who is a living/breathing warm body. As for how I came to know of this film, it was first, believe it or not, through watching the Behind The Scenes: Warm Bodies Make up from Michelle Phan’s Youtube upload, some months ago. And if I ever were to encounter a zombie, I wouldn’t question it or say a word about it, if it were the hot boy, Nicholas Hoult! That man can really narrate a good film, and look deadly gorgeous as an undead body. I’d steal a kiss from that zombie boy any day! ❤

As the first of February drew closer, I was all the more eager and impatient to sit home and wait for such a hot date with a film that was calling my name. So my lovely friend  Abdel and I planned to watch the film on the night of it’s arrival to the cinema. I was quite surprised at first when I got there as to how empty the rows to the ticket booths were. It felt almost too wonderful, but I suppose everyone has had their fair share of having those lucky nights!

I instantly fell in love with the film (although I now hate the Bonies for sure). And that (spoiler alert) concept of the zombies, when they eat the brain of the victim, the gain all the memories from their victim. This is what makes them remember what it was like to be alive once again. But when R (Nicholas Hoult) ends up killing the boyfriend of the girl he begins to grow feelings for (and a heart) he slowly goes through this enormous transformation, well development to put in a better word, and slowly towards the end becomes the hot human, R.

Alright enough spoilers, overall, the film I rate it in my opinion 5 stars and the soundtrack to the film, great choice in music! It went well with every scene the songs that were played for certain parts of the film.

So after a great movie night and nearly dying from salty/buttery popcorn, haha, it was then to celebrate the bit of Sammi’s birthday when the clock tolled 12:00! Vodka shots (drink responsibly)! ^,.,^

Afterwards, we sort were at a loss on what to do, so we took a stroll to the park (Me, Jess, Sammi, Brian and Abdel) and had our bit of fun with doing some kartwheels, then a game of tag. And damn, can I haul ass in my Demonia boots! haha  Although, I don’t do that with them at all (it rare for me to treat them so roughly). Remember kids: DON’T RUN IN YOUR DEMONIA BOOTS IF YOU WANT THEM TO LAST.** (IMPORTANT!!)

Happy Friday night it was and I enjoyed it all! I now wish to return to the cinema to watch the film once again. I was so engrossed in the film, I devoured it all (metaphorically speaking of course).