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What better way to say “I love you” than by handing your special someone a box of chocolates in the mold of your FACE! With Valentine Day soon approaching, I say if you really want to make it memorable, why not go out of your way to make or buy a face mold so they’ll never forget- eating your face.

Japan has the right idea! What with how Valentines Day is the one day of the year where the men are showered with chocolate by their loved ones (being the women), a crush, sisters, etc., it seemed that the simple chocolate bon-bon, truffle or chocolate bar was almost too dull and so Japan took it up a notch and so silicone face molds for chocolates is what is the new expression (literally) of love.


So while you sit there all happy and smiling like a little kid, your sweet love is eating away at your face your chocolate face) and all the while you’re probably thinking in the end “Want to REALLY eat my face?!” Of course we all know where that leads to in the end, but hey; it’s Valentines Day so why not. Just make sure to leave lots of love bites and black lips as a little love mark. 😉 Of course you can always give them a lovely morning wake up with kisses and cuddles to get the morning of Valentine Day started.


So, do you want to eat my face? haha I know I want to eat the face from a special boy ❤