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I’m always on the look out for new techniques on baking cookies and making them look entirely different with a unique feature that from the regular old-fashioned cookies (but the original stuff is always the best). So while surfing the web and on my Youtube Channel, …I was looking for a tetris themed goody and to my amazement I found, not only a Tetris themed cookie, but (hope you’re ready) MINECRAFT themed cookies as well! Two of my favorite games that I can’t get enough of. So here are the video links, you may knowthe tetris video from the wonderful Youtuber from her Tuesday video uploads of “Nerdy Nummies”!
I cannot wait to try my hand at making these cookies, but I also cannot wait to bite the face off of the Creeper cookie (Minecraft themed cookie) to seek out my revenge on that damn thing since it also blows me up all the time! X,.,X But I will advice, though this may not come to mind, IF you are not so confident in cutting the dough to the exact lengths and amount needed, get in your car, drive to TOY’S R US and buy yourself the Playdough Fun Factory (literally), you’ll need this little gadget to form the square-length of dough for the pixelated cookie. May be a little time consuming, but you’ll have fun in making these little guys.