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If there’s one thing I never liked was super short hair (kind of like a bob cut, never been something I looked pretty with) when I was a kid. It was almost a must do thing that I could never seem to get myself out of, but the bangs I suppose give you more shape, but even then I never really enjoyed having bangs at all either. They always got in my eyes and I could never do anything with my hair what with it being so short and plain (not my idea of fun).

20130126-002606.jpg20130126-002530.jpgΒ Me in the second grade (1999-2000) that’s the hair I had. I guess it looked nice, especially sine I was such a thin and tall girl for the age of 7 turning 8. Aww, now I think I really am a cutie.

So as I grew older, I was finally able to make my decision and say “NO” to the awful bob cut and finally let my hair grow out (as well as my bangs). And boy when my hair grew out, it was time to go hair crazy and enjoy the lovely wonders of long hair, haha. Of course, it was also a wonderful curtain to hind behind when needed. But everyone goes through those moments.

Now here’s the irony in this, I now (about a year ago) when I had an accident with clorox and my hair, and having had to trim it; I remembered how I used to have bangs, and I grew curious to see how I looked like with them (I pictured this easily before cutting my hair though). So I gathered a nice image, and so I picked up my scissors and *snip-snip* went the strands of hair. After having cut my bangs to the perfect (okay.. semi-perfect) shape and length, I was more than happy with seeing how I looked like with them once again. That wonderful nostalgic feeling you get, but when you’re older it looks/feels entirely different in a fascinating kind of way that intrigues you in more ways than one so to speak. Yes very elaborate, I know. But now that I’ve had my bangs for the year I wanted.. I’ve also now seen the way I cut them and how far I trimmed to the center of my hair ridge (which is NOT where it’s supposed to go) so now I’m letting it grow and then it’s off to the salon for a proffesional cut.

But I can still manage what with the nags growing out, and I manage to do so just fine, although with my crazy hair I now have to brush my bangs to the side and keep them in place with hair clips and such to ensure they stay where they won’t get in the way. But hair panic is something everyone goes through everyday. Especially if you’re like me who comes up with crazy hairstyles to keep this long flat hair of mine floating in the air or at least looking nice and plain at times.

Although, for now, this is where my hair panic came into play when getting ready for the convention of Animate! Miami 2013. But having my hair grow out to its original length will not be bad at all since I will have all the more ideas for it and things to do with some synthetic hair and crazy hairstyles and (perhaps) having bangs this year too, maybe (still debating the idea).