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Going around and running a few errands that were on the to-do list was what I had in mind. A wonderful sunny morning, no clouds, and warm day was what seemed to be on the weather channel (but I never trust the shitty thing, they’re never accurate in their weather reports). After my first stop to Jess (giving her some pancakes, I’ll post the recipe up) opening the door, the wind nearly took the door with my arm, I was then off once again on my bike making it to another lovely girls (Sammi) home.

Dropped off the package of Christmas presents and pancake for Sammi, then off for home.. so I thought. “Sunny morning, and 80Β°F weather! It’ll be a nice day to go out around the city.” Really now… *thunder resonating and rain beginning to drizzle down*..DAMNIT!!! Sunny morning my ass..

Onwards, enduring the cold rain and stupidity of a bike that doesn’t wish to cooperate (the handle bars began move up and down..). After a dash through the rain, I guess you could say that I looked as soaked as a cat in the rain and I couldn’t hold out any longer (what with already having a scratchy throat) a pit stop at Jess’ was well deserved and desperately needed.

So after a quick run up the stairs and quick change of clothes (yay, time to get naked, haha) I was now the ever so cute looking Alice in Wonderland wearing a sky blue dress. Looked pretty nice, though I’m not one who generally wears light colors, I can say I liked it.

A few kicks around the living room, with laughter and a bit of the old cartoons (Bugs Bunny, always a great choice) and then a quick nap was more than enough and lots of fun. Although both Jess and Abdel had to tickle me and what not. Damn it, I’ll get you both. XD Also the cuddle were nice, especially since I was freezing; what with having to put the little bit of wet clothes on. Brrrr… >,.,<

But home is where the heart lies, as they say, and home bound I was. No need for another cold or viral illness needed thank you. I’m good with the amount of times I’ve been to hospital. Don’t need another episode of that. Financially and health wise. It’s too costly. But I’m well now, and with a minor scratchy throat I can say that I’m smooth sailing from here. Miel con limon (honey and lemon) is the ticket any way, and I’m guzzling it down two tablespoons at time like there’s no tomorrow. The wonders for natural remedies and fruit trees grown in your very backyard. Cheap and better tasting!

Hope everyone is well, and having fun.

Oh and for those of you wondering how to make this homemade “Cough syrup” here’s a quickie:


  • Orange blossom honey (any will do really)
  • 1 lime (reason for limon, it’s a panamanian thing, though it translates into lemon, but you use lime)


-Pour out, into a small bowl or cup, 1/4 to 1/3 cup of honey. Roll out lime, will help when squeezing out the juice from the citrus fruit.

-Cut lime in half, squeeze half into the honey, mix with spoon. Try it. Should be sweet, yet with a nice tartness to it. If too sweet, squeeze other half of lime.

-Take two tablespoonfuls when you wake up and before you go to sleep.

Hope you like it and that is helps.

Tons of Love Bites,