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It was silent and peaceful, almost too wonderful of a sleep to enjoy; something’s off…There’s no flipping alarm sounding off that’s what and it is now 07:30 am! I can’t believe I forgot to set the alarm the night before the first day of classes. I feel like such an idiot!

Funny thing is, I managed to practice my new wake up hour Monday morning to get accustomed to waking at 05:00 and leaving the house by 06:15. Just enough time to catch the trolley, then the train, and the metro mover. What a way to commute from home to the campus. But I had got it down packed and feeling content with my succesful Monday morning practice, I thought I was ready to take on the first day of classes without a hitch. Although; it seems I was wrong (more than I can say), for I did NOT wake up at the hour set for I forgot to set the lousy alarm.

Something people use to live without and not have any hassle in the early morning with back then (even though they had perhaps the cooing of morning doves or sounds of a rooster), yet in todays day and age it is something that is desperately needed more than anything to notify us when we must get our lazy bums out of bed. But because this tired girl decided that sleep was not a word in her vocabulary, I did not go to bed at the time needed and did not set the alarm, my lazy ass stayed in bed till 07:30 and it was too late to head off for class since it begins at 07:35 and ends at 08:30.

Now you may be thinking “oh that’s nothing! You could have made it.” No, sadly I could not since it takes a whole hour from home to reach the campus. And that is through a rough estimation and two years worth of calculation along with it being a good day (by that, basically if the trolley is on time). Majority of the time (especially since the trolley does not have a schedule for the general public to check) the trolley does not arrive on time and takes about a good 00:10 – 00:15 minutes arriving at the stop.

But what a way to start off the new years semester. *sigh* Come Monday morning of this coming week, I’m sure I will definitely wake up and most certainly not forget to set the bloody alarm.

I hope your week of the beginning semester in the new year has been a good one and though for some it may have been a slow start, not to worry; you’ll have plenty of time to catch up and make it all the better.

Tons of Love Bites,