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Phone luck? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Especially knowing my history with the cellular devices that I’ve had. Their lives (sadly, but not all my fault) were not so fruitful. From my first cell phone having fallen too many times (good Nokia, lasted 2 years) it fell apart, then there was a second one (my grandmother had this one as hers before) my grandmother gave to me, but of course for a split second as I turned away my little brother (being 4 years of age at the time) jumped on my bed and then it was farewell to the Nokia that lost its antenna (yes I owned a cellphone with an antenna, I’m that ancient) haha.

After it all, the years flew by without any mishaps or phone deaths that need-be reported, and with luck it stayed that way for a whole 2 years, but then my Samsung began to act up, out of its own accord, and then (as if not perfectly timed) the screen began to hide everything away from me. So it was sadly of no use to have it around since I didn’t see what I was doing. But I had (still do) a great memory of what was located where, even without having edited the setting to my liking, so I knew how to work with it for so long. Of course, it came to be a bit irking in the end so it was good-bye Samsung and hello tiny, black-white screened AT&T Nokia.

It had such an adorable little ring tone, and one that I became quite fond of. Such a lovely melody *sigh* yet for some reason my luck had not improved, and the screen also had its moment as well. Four phones, down the drain, so far none were my fault except one (from it falling so much). Then the most recent ones: a Blackjack from AT&T (really cool phone, liked it a lot) I was quite angry and then smashed it against the washing machine and broke the screen and the phone, leaving it in three pieces (replaced it), then the next one did function right and now one could hear me. So that one was basically rubbish.

So far only two out of the six phones, thankfully only two of which were purchased and ready for my SIM card. I’m on a roll (a good one at least), but now you understand what I mean when technology despises me. At the very least, I did care for them and did not lose them or kill them as everyone does (granted that I have dropped one and smashed one other) I’ve done quite well with them. And I love my retro-cellphones. No touch screens for this girl thankyouverymuch. Buttons: YES!

But luck wasn’t on my side when not wanting something of a touchscreen, but I was thankful that my mom was able to hand me over her previous iPhone (the first one). Now, I’m well aware that these “oh-so delicate” technological devices are very easily broken when dropped, but like my dad always says “it takes one idiot to screw it up for everyone” it just so happened to be that day for me when walking to visit my sweet friend Jess. Long-story-short, the crossing the road, waiting for the dummy to make the damn turn, and pressing the clock with how long the light would stay red, I then crossed and then *ploff*… “SHIT!!”…the bloody thing fell and as you can already conclude, the screen was cracked and in shards (which a few had dug in to my palm and which I had to remove when I arrived to her home.

“So what now” you ask? I have now switched back to a Nokia once again (my trusty-ole’ flip phone) with buttons. ^,.,^

I know for a fact this phone shall be okay and in good hands. –pfft… like hell it will..- You’ll see, it will and I’ll make sure of it, hmph.