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It’s been quite a while since having last seen my sweet Helen. After her moving to Daytona, there’s been a lot of catching up to do and a nice cafe date was well worth it.

She’s looking much healthier than last time; having a fuller face. I’m quite happy to see such a good change in her, but the long months of stress have a toll on everyone. So a good cheering up should do the trick. Especially a slice of babka, cinnamon biscotti and granny smith apples are perfect to eat at the cafe. The baked goods I brought from home (not my doing, but my aunt Jan’s marvelous baking) really top it all of and are better tasting too than those foods at the Barnes & Nobles Cafe. Sure it’s nice to enjoy their offered sweets and sandwiches, but nothing beats home cooked foods and baking.

At the café. She didn’t want a photo taken at first, but I snapped a nice shot. ^,.,^

After enjoying our little lunch, which was quite delicious, I thought it was time to pay a little visit to recent birthday girl!
I brought quite the present you can say. Haha, for it was living and breathing and it was Helen. So a good smile all around on both Jess and Helen’s faces. And our conversations. Haha, my what they lead to.
Before we knew it, time flew by and it was time to say goodbye for the meantime until another day.
But who says a ride home needs to be so dull in the car? Sleetgrout, Eisenfunk, The Spookshow, Agonoize and more wonderful music I played as the car DJ. I think they all enjoyed it (Brian, Jess, and Helen).

Then there was me and my crazy hair. Home at last after a lovely date, with a sweet girl.