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He started playing with my phone, located on my nightstand, for a good 5 minutes. So it was for the moment when I could hear him before I dozed off to sleep. It seems that he hasn’t had much of a sex life until now, perhaps after finding someone on the other side that is through aΒ cellular device. Looks like spirits need their time for fun as well. But I didn’t think George would do such a thing..

Seems George has found some loving on the other sideΒ in the after life, but one thing I wasn’t expecting was being kept awake listening to a poltergeist having phone sex with my cellphone… Let’s just say things got a bit hot and heavy for a spirit.. but I heard it as a moan and mumbling..


Yes, you read this correctly. George, the poltergeist/spirit inhabiting my home decided to have some late night fun of his own right when I turned around and curled up in bed. Don’t ask me what was being said, for all I heard were just the noises coming from my nightstand and my phone lit up.. I understand that the man hasn’t had any fun in the longest, but please George, even though I laughed, I don’t want to know how you are/were in your sex life… >,.,<