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The year of 2012 has been wonderful one filled with many events, the making of new friends, sadly another trip to the hospital, but also a good recovery! I wouldn’t change it for the world. Speaking of world, it was supposed to end this year on the 21st of December was it not? How come we’re not all dead? haha I was right! Mwuahaha!

Though the year was a bit bumpy around the closing of 2012, I’ve had a smile on my face and have enjoyed it all. But there are many more things to go and do for this girl and I know that VERY well. A lot of events in store and many more things to do. Hmm, perhaps a visit or so to a few friends out of state, with hope. haha But classes, hmm.. damn, oh well, I know I’ll get through this.

So this 2013 new year resolutions will be:

  • Eating more accordring to Montignac (very good)
  • Finding time for myself, slowly progressing
  • Get my immune system BACK to how it was
  • and everything else with follow along like a perfectly aligned trail behind the rest

Hope you all enjoy your wonderful New Year of 2013, haha 13 being quite lucky number, haha, drink responsibly, have fun and tons of hugs and black lip stained kisses from me to all you darlings.


Tons of Love Bites,