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It’s been 60° and lower these past few days and I’ve been chilled to the bone. It’s all the more cold with the gusty winds at the top of the platform waiting for the train, but I got lovely comments on my outfit and by many people from who I did not aniticpate to here it from. I always get a good kick out of it since it makes giggle in the inside and smile on the surface. haha

So it was off, bundled up and toasty warm, to run errands and bring a victim along with me. Mwuahahaha, my youngest sister. Although what a fortune she cost me on the ticket alone!

This is how much a rip off it is here to commute from one station to another. When you take the Trolley (from wherever you pick it up) you’re taken to the station that is on the trolley route, you hed off to the machines to purchase your ticket (2 dollars per person= 1 Ticket for one round trip) that is to take you from destination A to destination B. Once at there, you use that ticket again to get out if not you’re locked in that station, haha. Now that you’ve arrived, go on to do your errands, and return to the station to catch the train back, you must use another two dollars to purchase on tickect and head back. Total: $4 for a here and back trip on the train. Not bad right? Well here’s the rip off part.. IF you’ve put it $1 dollar, or tap the card twice, you then have lost your money’s worth of the ticket, can go through the gates, but are unable to get out without the aid of Security. A waste of money! But of course that is how screwy the system works. Yes you’re given the option to purchase a ticket for up to $20, but it is only valid for that ONE day. So if you don’t get the move on using it, then you’ve last a whole pocket full of money and must purchase another ticket (if you have any cash left in your sad little wallet).

But with being in college, there’s one awesome benefit that relates to this little dilema. For $50 dollars a month, students who have a semester schedule and student ID, we are able to purchase the train ticket and use it as many times in the month as we like and at the end of the week, we follow the same cycle in this intricate web of buying a train ticket again.

*sigh* a waste of money at times, but it’s the only form of transportation for one who does not have a car and does not have her license yet. Soon though, soon!

And to bundle up? I simply wore my “winter outfit” as how I made a set of.



IMG_4279 IMG_4229 IMG_4244 IMG_4259 IMG_4280

Stay warm! Happy Holidays!

Tons of Love Bites,