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Tuesday, 18th of December, was the final day of attending my Fall Semester classes. I went in like a trooper, made it on time to class 6 minutes before the state exam began, and with a lot of hope/luck and praying, I took the test head on and went forth with my selected answers. Now I know in a few I did not get, since after an exam I go back to the chapters to review if I forgot or second guessed myself in a question (did that only twice this time). Thankfully though, I’ve gotten better!

After my exam, it was then home, work on a very important final project for my Safety and Sanitation class, then to head on back to the campus at 18:00 (06:00 pm) in the evening to turn it in. -Made it, turned it in, and from their it was in the hands of my professor to evaluate my work and if I did well and if I really put forth all my effort.-


Given all that, today I logged in to view my final grades and see just how well I did, at 23:46 (11:00 pm). Entered my username, password, and Semester; it was loading and then, “CONGRATULATIONS!!”.


  • Safety and SanitationA
  • SpeechB

I was so proud of myself (still am). Much better than I had anticipated as well, after having gone through another episode in the hospital (such an annoyance), I’m amazed with how well I persevered.

Now it is but a small “vacation” or rest period until Spring Semester, but for now I can only think about rest and my bed for a good long while. Especially with this 54°F weather.

Keep your dreams alive and no matter what anyone says, keep going, be ambitious and when those dreams are fulfilled, dream some more and accomplish what you like and what makes you happy! They’re magic moments. ❤

Tons of Love Bites,