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It is the first day of winter and that means that there are only 4 days left till Christmas day. So many things to do and many crafts to finish working on. My how the holidays have come by so quick, I can’t believe it, but I’ve been such a busy girl that I haven’t had the chance to even take a break. From baking, crafting, making a winter tutorial, and painting.. *sigh* when will the madness end!

Oh well, it’s a good kind of madness and one that I enjoy. ^,.,^

-Alright Santa, if it’s not too much to ask, I would like an underbust black satin corset, and a third arm..-

But I was so very happy with a sweet visit yesterday from my two lovely girls, Sammi and Jess. I also was given such a pretty Christmas present from Sammi! ❤

Oops, but I must get going and attend to the rest of my crafting! I will reveal the little pretties later (they are presents after all). 😉

Tons of Love Bites,