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Come December everyone is buzzing with the winter spirit or holiday cheer. Events are being made or hosted on certain nights and the crazy holiday jitters begin to rise from their slumber once more for a crazy time of the year. There are some events that are quite nice and make the night worth while visiting and to enjoy with your family. The lighting of the tree in Miracle Mile is just one of many events, but one that I’ve always enjoyed attending with my mom, siblings and friends. -did she just say she enjoys such happy and joyful event that is not goth?! oh no!!- haha yes! But everyone is entitled to enjoy everything that makes them happy you know. I’m not made of stone.

So every 7th of December, my mom, siblings and I, go for aย drive to Miracle Mile and join the huge group of people lining up in the roads (ready to become flat pancakes or grease spots on the road, mohahaha) to see jolly old “Sandy Claws” arrive in a firetruck and light the gigantic (fake) tree in the middle of the crowd. It would be quite a sight though to see a 50′ Christmas Tree in the middle of Florida trying to survive the “oh so cold” winter we have. haha

So up went Old St. Nick to the top of the cherry picker to ready the tree for its big day view. *drum roll* The tree was lit! Time to party away and watch the little kids run around like animals and stuff themselves with whatever food their parents buy and to sit on Santa’s lap and take a photo as the memory of the night. I too took my photo with Santa (when I was younger of course) but it would be funny seeing a Goth with Sandy Claws and all the little children wondering who this gigantor was with such lovely boots. haha

“Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is… an underbust black satin corset.”

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Tons of Love Bites,