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It is now the last weekend before the third final week of the end the Fall Semester and my classes/colleagues and professors have grown on me (especially my Safety and Sanitation class and the friends I’ve made). But it is a very important final week since it will determine (after taking the state test) if we future leaders are capable in passing Safety and Sanitation and proving them and our awesome Chef Instructor that we fully understood the material and the importance of it and know what we’re doing when we head out into the culinary world and managerial position of grand restaurant/establishment.

Now, it’s one thing to make a professor proud when showing (at the end of the semester) you’ve learned the material and excelled in your classes, but it’s a whole other UNIVERSE when it’s time to take a state test allowing you to own a restaurant and be manager of a restaurant, certifying you to teach those who work there about Safety and Sanitation and keep your responsibility about continuing to keep the importance of Safety and Sanitation in the kitchen alive and well and NOT disappointing your Chef Instructor. There’s a lot that rides on your shoulders when taking an exam and proving your professor that you’ve learned the subject matter, but a Chef Instructor! Never! I’d feel like such an ass knowing that I let my Chef Instructor down after taking the time to pick their brain and learning all that I could from them for this important test. Especially since Safety and Sanitation is what saves the lives of our ever wonderful guinea pigs; I mean customers. ^,.,^

Safety and Sanitation is what ensures the lively hood of an excellent restaurant/cafe’/food establishment/etc. and is what prevents (if practiced RIGHT) the growth of bacteria and pathogens in food that are harmful and deadly to you, the consumer, when out eating at your usual hot spot or at home as well.

But here’s a fun little “test your know-how” on safety and sanitation for the general public. Test yourself, see if you matched the response correctly to the questions shown, have fun and stay aware of certain things you might not know about.

Safety and Sanitation for Dummies-

1.) Why are preschool-age children at a higher risk for foodborne illnesses (note: a foodborne illness is a disease transmitted to people by food)?

a) They have not built up strong immune systems

b) They’re more likely to spend time in a hospital

c) They are more likely to suffer allergic reactions

d) Their appetites have increased since birth

2.) Which is a TCS (Temperature Control Safety) food? (Pathogens  microorganisms that cause diseases- grow well in these foods, needs time and temperature control to limit this growth)

a) Bread

b) Flour

c) Sprouts

d) Strawberries

3.) Raw chicken is left out at room temperature on a prep table. What is the risk that could cause a foodborne illness?

a) Cross-Contamination

b) Poor cleaning and sanitizing

c) Poor personal hygiene

d) Time-temperature abuse

4.) Common cause of foodborne illness?

a) Purchasing food from unsafe sources

b) Practicing poor personal hygiene

c) Failing to cook food correctly

d) All of the above


Now no cheating! When finished, comment with your answers and in the following post I shall reveal the correct answers and you can see just how well you did with common knowledge of food safety and sanitation. Good luck!

Tons of Love Bites,