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It is a mournful day and night for the many families in Newtown, Connecticut after having realized that this was their last day of holding their loved ones in their arms once again.

From the early morning (one that seemed as the mornings of every other day) was one that would come to be the horror of a life time with the most horrid outcome and monstrous murderer to ever walk in to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Innocent children from the ages of 5-10, massacred in the most brutal way, 20 of them layed in rigamortis just as six adults and the mother of said monster; joined the now deceased innocent, newly born souls.

A cold-blooded killer, with the intent to kill, soon taking his life after his blood-thirsty act was the last to join the mutilated bodies of his victims. It is a sad day indeed and one that no one will really forget, but the question to it is how desensitized are the many people of this generation today? Is it the weapon that kills? Is there any care anymore for anything or even the preservation of life (the life of a child) none-the-less?

Sadly it is not something easily explained why some people do what they do, but the weapon is not the monster, it is the person.

Hug your loved ones, give them kisses, tell them you love them and that they are so very dear to you; more than they know because though you’re home in the morning with them, it only takes one idiot to screw it up for everyone and not allow that loved one to arrive back home.

So tonight America mourns for those in great distress and sadness for the loss of their child and loved ones. Candles lit to signify the deceased and the cries of those families singing into the night joined by the souls of their child. I hope that many learn something from this and use common sense more than ever, but most of all, know who is the killer in these situations and that we feel for their loss.

So go home (or if you’re home) tuck in your child or little siblings into bed, hug them goodnight, wish them sweet dreams, don’t let the bed bats bite, and tell them how much you love them and that you care very much for them. We have so many lucky moments of having the pleasure to know many people, but our loved ones are irreplaceable (just as everyone) and are held near and dear to us forever.

Good night America, may the nonsensical killing and violence come to an end and may everyone stay safe and know they’re loved and cared for immensely.

Tons of Love Bites,