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I love getting creative in the kitchen, especially at home where I can have all the peace and quiet to myself. When making a new recipe or playing around in the kitchen with new ingredients, it’s a lot of fun, but I’d rather screw up on a dish, at home in my kitchen where I know I won’t have someone saying “This is too spicy” or “this cake isn’t moist enough”, etc. Saves you the trouble of it all.

But now that I finally have enough strength to get cooking, I felt the need to experiment with one of the best ingredients in the kitchen that any Italian (and I mean ANY) would have in their refrigerator… Salami! Such a versatile ingredient, salami can be used to add a hint of salty flavor to a dish, as a stuffing, in a hash, pasta dish, popovers, etc. Pretty much anything you can think of.

And I did say that I felt an experiment brewing, and feeling crafty in the kitchen, mwuahaha, I did just that. Gathered my ingredients and readied the kitchen for the mess of a life time (no, I’m joking there.. one should NEVER be messy in the kitchen). -Make sure to always have available space in the kitchen and plenty of counter space as a work area.- VERY IMPORTANT!!

So roll up those sleeves and remove those fishnet/lace gloves and put on an apron! It’s time to get crafty with salami.

Salami Hash and Orange Zest-


  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 an onion
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 4-5 oz. Salami
  • 4 Yukon potatoes
  • 6 Parsley sprigs
  • 1/4 tsp Nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp Paprika
  • salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 5 pitted green olives (I prefer Argentinian Green Olives, but any will do)
  • Zest from 1 Orange
  • Olive oil


With a serrated knife (or steak knife), make a small incision into the salami casing. Remove casing, cut salami length wise, then cut pieces into edible cubes. Place salami into a lightly oiled skillet saute’ pan, on medium-low heat. While salami is cooking away start to wash and peel potatoes. Finely chop onion, red bell pepper, olives and parsley. Add all to salami, mix well and add nutmeg. Cube potatoes while salami and vegetables are cooking in skillet.

When all vegetables are sauted, pour salami and vegetable mix into a separate bowl. Add a little more olive oil to the pan on medium heat and add potatoes to skillet. Salt and pepper to taste and paprika and mix well to evenly coat all with paprika. When potatoes are no longer tough and firm and have developed a light golden color, add salami and vegetable mix to skillet and mix well to combine all ingredients.

When mixed well, make three wells and crack an egg into each well. Let cook until egg has cooked through or to your preference. Turn off heat and zest with orange zest. The orange zest will bring out the flavor of the paprika and nutmeg in the dish and give it a nice citrusy and refreshing feel and taste to it and the salami add a nice touch of a salty and sausage flavor to it.

Serve and devour! ^,.,^

IMG_4099 IMG_4100 IMG_4101 IMG_4103 IMG_4104 IMG_4105 IMG_4106 IMG_4107 IMG_4098 IMG_4097 IMG_4109 IMG_4110

Hope you enjoy it and have fun with this dish since you can mix the ingredients and make it your own. Loads of fun and wonderful for a creative mind.

Tons of Love Bites,