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A website that everyone around the globe is very familiar with, but as of late (since having introduced their new update) photobucket just hasn’t been working the same.

With having such a speedy brain with so many creative ideas buzzing in my skull, photobucket was a wonderful place to upload photos, edit them and add my goth touches to it as well as my crafty, artistic flair. But photobucket has disappointed me in more ways than one. The rate at which it’s running from clicking edit>adding/cropping photos>placing boarders>etc, has decreased immensely and I find myself (after saving and replacing the original with the edited version) clicking an image that is not really there. Malfunction perhaps? o,.,O

But enough of my ranting…my question is, have any of you (using photobucket) experienced this annoying little glitch? And has it affected the performance of your hard drive? It has affected my networking system and shocked it into an unsuspected shut down. I’ve asked their staff for help on the matter, but no answer as of yet. I can only hope that I receive a response and soon. Photobucket helps a lot and is quite handy as a substitute when not having Photoshop in your hard drive.