There’s nothing better than spending time in bed cuddling up to your kitties. So soft and the purrs, so soothing. ❤ I love my three little mischievous trio. Of course things raised alert yesterday when there was a blood stain on Nemo’s winter white coat. T,.,T

My poor prince has gone through more than enough (from having two teeth pulled, without anesthetics, to injections, to having a horrible cold) in only a year. But there had to be a topper for the cake to make it all the more abscess. Those nasty little things can really be a pain in the ass, and oh how painful too. >,.,<

And so.. as how I, being curious as ever, saw the blood stained patch and fumbled around his jaw looking for the source of it all. Eureka! I found had found it. Squeezed it a bit and, out gushed blood from the neck. (Foward past the whole event of pus and blood) today, a tired Nemo is now better (with a small bump on his neck) resting on a velvet, vampire pillow purring away.