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If there is but one thing that fascinates me more than anything, it is the world around me and just how it’s thrown some good beatings at this poor body of mine. It hasn’t knocked me down, nor has it kept me down just yet.. but you know what; I know it won’t. I’m too much a happy goth girl to be put down by a few tough encounters and sickly beatings. But it isn’t something that should be taken so lightly now, either.

From going through a whole month of Meningitis, then having an 8 month rest until another viral attack, my focus on my health has more than tripled since the last and starting fresh, once again after defeating that 103.8 fever and chills, I’m even more enthusiastic about learning more on just what I can do for my health and make sure that I stay healthy. After all, it’s around this age that determines how I’ll be for the rest of my life and what I do now is what will stay with me or not.

Though, I don’t doubt that I’ll do a good job at making sure I’m as healthy as a horse. And eating according to Montignac is also a great foundation in how well I’ll be if I continue to eat right and care for myself in the best of ways. You don’t want to destroy the only body you have in this wonderful life after. Yes make the best of it and have a hell of a lot of fun (I know I’m having that a lot and there’s more to come), but still stay on top of yourself in the best of ways.

I can only hope I can better myself from here on and build this immune system of mine to be the best and strongest one that I’ve ever had. No more viral beating for me thank you! This goth has endured plenty of it and it was not the fun kind. haha XD

So have fun, stay well and know what you’re doing so that you have of a risk in worrying about “Will I be okay or well in the future as I am today..”.

That’s my tip for today. Have a nice one! ❤

Tons of Love Bites,