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Woah and I mean WOAH!

November 25 seemed to have been the big kicker with the most views I’ve had in one day and I’m not complaining (nor would any blogger in their right mind), nor am I bragging at it either. I’m just amazed with it actually! Yes, though I recieve the wonderful comments and questions and lovely views, seeing 73 instead of 55 since the last most views in a day was just jaw dropping and made me incandescently happy! So much so I was tempted to even to a handstand in my room, but I’d save myself the trouble of doing so, since my little muscle have turned to mush and are slowly recovering. DARN YOU WEAKNESS!!

Now.. I’m not going to fawn over this one bit because it is of course a number, but a good number and one that is slowly growing just as I knew it would. Though not at a miraculous pace, slow and steady still wins the race. And I’m more than happy with my ever growing followers and readers. ^,.,^

Ones things for sure, thanks for being one hell of a wonderful audience and readers! Blogs wouldn’t really survive without you lovely darlings. ❀

Tons of Love Bites,