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Sometime before this body took a good beating, I bought myself a special gift that not only would I love, but my pale shoulders would thank me for years to come. I’ll give you a hint.. it’s famous for during the Victorian Era. Give up?! Alright…

I bought myself, from Adora BatBrat’s lovely shop, a Victorian Collar from her Era Collection. If there’s one thing that Goth girl must never be without it is sunscreen, but usually with there being a Victorian Collar involved you have a chance to cheat and wear the pretty satin fabric collar that gently caress the frail, pale skin.

But what with having worked so hard in doing well and keeping a straight A score on both classes and having survived my first part-time job, I thought I’d spoil myself with this one gift to myself that I knew my pale shoulders would love and thank me (and Adora BatBrat) for many, many years to come. It is well worth the round world trip that package will (is making). I know I cannot wait. I do hope all your studies (if any are in college or in the school career) are doing well and that you are excelling in your classes with flying colors!

Here’s a link for those who wish to purchase or look around Adora BatBrat’s online shop:


Tons of Love Bites,