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I think I am or so I’m hoping.
There’s been so much that’s happened since my last post and having mentioned the creation of my new page The Goth Chef, but it’s not been pleasant.
Since Sunday morning, after everyone had gotten over their own colds, it seems that I was the next victim on the list for a nasty bug. Headaches, muscle aches… You’d think it would be the Flu, well I did so I just kept treating it as that (seems like thing were to take a turn for the worst though).
Come Monday I was already spiking with fever every four hours, vomiting, not eating and slowly getting dehydrated (just my luck). So we called the doctor and sure enough he booked me for Tuesday to see his long missed patient (more like always ill) around 01:00 (13:00). Though it wasn’t smooth sailing for me and my worried mom once at the doctors. I just started deteriorating and going straight into chills, chattering teeth, and fever.
So behind the double doors and into Dr. S’ room and to await the good old doctor and wait for his “can’t live without me can you” every visit. Haha Setting that aside though (along with a few other laughters from my mom and my nurse) the prognosis from what Dr. S had said was NOT what any of us (my mother and I)… “take her to the ER have her emitted and have them start her on IV’s and do blood drawings… We’re probably dealing with meningitis again..”
A sentence that I was already worried to hear, but more so shocked to hear again. I already went through a whole month of it eight months ago, I didn’t need another, nor did I expect it to come back, but with viral disease it’s not the worry of the coming back it’s the question of when they do and where you got it.
So to the hospital it was and with my bucket in hand (I vomiting during the small ride) and my mom not so happy to hear what her daughter had to go through again.
-skipping through the spinal tap and pleas and cries for them to stop- the nurses were as nice as ever and after receiving a good bill of health, came Thursday and I was thankfully discharged.
Home at last, happily recovering at that, and what better way to do it than staying curled up in bed accompanied by three soft kitties and watching Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Very happy girl.
But I do apologize for the delay in posts and all that I’ve mentioned to post. Please don’t be too upset with me. I shall slowly have things uploaded.
I do hope everyone is doing well and keeping warm.

Tons of Love Bites,