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Hello my darling bloggers! I wanted to announce to you that I have finally had the chance to make a page for all these recipes for those to see who do not have access to commenting or liking those posts (as how I’ve been told through emails). So, I’ve made a page (I’m not straying away from my beloved blog at all I promise you this <3) dedicated to those recipes and more insights in the culinary world and what is involved, etc. It is called (yes, you know it) The Goth Chef.

This page is located on Facebook, apparently one of those social medias that is apparently easy access (I prefer my blog more than anything and my Vampirefreaks), but what can you do. So to give a bit of an insight about what’s to expect, is pretty much what you see here, but my blog will also start a new life with all the posts I have yet to finish editing and publishing; although it is solely about the culinary world and me being a Goth Culinary Student/Chef.

So drop on by my page (it’s only just been born) but let me know what you’d like read or learn and what recipes you’d like to see. Feedback is VERY helpful. Hope you all enjoy it. Subscribe here as well. Whichever is to your liking.

Let people know about it if they’re curious too. More subcribers makes a bigger audience and suggestions of feedback (good or bad). ^,.,^


Eldest in the family. Have three siblings.  Am an artist, photographer, culinary student, and a happy goth girl.  Creator and owner of GothicHeartsandBatWings. Sweet, loving, and with a love for dark beauty.

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