Such beautiful creation indeed! Asylum finds the right stuff and this is truly one that’s got me hooked. Valentin Perrin is indoubitably the male version of Emilie Autumn and I’ve fallen hard over his photos/artistic views and lovely creations. I can honestly say without a doubt (though I’m always happy with what I wear πŸ˜‰ ) if I were adorned with all his beautiful clothes you’d see this Goth girl walking happily about on town with an even more Cheshire-like smile on her face. I can assure you this.
Tons of Love Bites,

Asylum Attendant

I’ve got a slight crush on French fashion designer/photographer Valentin Perrin. While he’s completely adorable, Valentin is also extremely talented. His photos are amazing and his couture designs are flawless. We also share the same taste in fashion. So why did I not know of him sooner?!

Valentin is totally the male version of Emilie Autumn. All the stripes, tea, and red hair really remind me of her. My own style is heavily influenced by Emilie, so I see a lot of myself in Valentin. I’m always attracted to pale, skinny, feminine guys and this is no exception. I like them creepy, too. I’ve also been known to do some weird stuff with stuffed animals…

As a designer, Valentin is superb. Not many people can create clothes as gorgeous as these.

Another cute boy, Thomas Vitriol, works with Valentin and is also a singer. Gotta put in a picture of…

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