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It was finally Halloween day and the morning was wonderful with a cool breeze and the feel of Halloween fever being in the air. After getting ready in my sweet Demonia boots, corset dress, lace shirt and hoodie (what with it being cold and windy) and lace gloves; it was off to catch a ride on the trolley. Caught it just in the nick of time and with little to no minutesย to wasteย made it to the station. The train…with seconds to spare (lucky).

But not all luck was on my side. As soon as I walked in *bang* I was suddenly surrounded by group of people seeing blood rushing down my forehead. Was I okay? Of course I was, infact I was more than okay. I was ecstatic.haha

But no, no, not to worry. Makeup makes a great cover up and so I hid the wound and then got my revenge on the walking meat luggage that bashed me in the head. After all, a vampire has to eat you know. ^,.,^


Revenge is sweet.

Happy Belated Halloween!!

Tons of Love Bites,