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It is now the 10th of November and I have NOW finally found the chance to sneak in a bit of a break to dedicate some attention to you all and my lonely blog. I have not been such a good blogger as of late, what with classes and projects, there’s really been no time. T,.,T But that has now been fixed and there’s been so much that’s happened I can’t imagine where to begin. Although, Halloween seems to be a good start!

This Halloween was quite an interesting experience and full of creativity this year. What from working for the first time in my 19-year-old life, gaining work experience and now having ended the seasonal work (I have enjoyed it greatly) my plans have grown and become infinite.

What with it having been Halloween day, what better way was it to celebrate the holiday than to get all dressed up and start off with a wonderful story for a wound I “received”. From making wounds and enjoying a bit of a walk and seeing quite a great percentage of students all giddied up in their dark clad wear, for one day of the year where everyone has a chance to show their “dark side”.

But everyday should be Halloween for everyone,and not a disappointment when trick-or-treating and seeing only but three homes open and alive with candy treats to give us the sugar attacks that we all love. Such a shame that barely anyone gives their full spirit into the best holiday of the year. But not to worry, there’s more to talk about in the next post and to explain about my “story” for Halloween.