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I honestly must create a schedule or a planner of some sort to prioritize myself in a sufficient manner just enough, so I have everything up to date and in check. But oh no; what have I done? I’ve gone practically a whole week and few days with little to no posts of any sort and to make matters worse the cool weather has been lovely, but it’s had its toll on me and realizing it is not something I wish to do. But it seems I’m not out of the woods yet from healing entirely after enduring such a life threatening disease of Meningitis. I have not been myself and everything is entirely out of place. I’m not as alert nor as vigulant and it’s upsetting me more than one can imagine.

I’ve never been so “soft”. This is an outrage. I can only hope that I steadily recover to my whole self again before the Meningitis disease and begin to function better like I was back then always on my toes and up and around seeing, hearing, and knowing what is happening around me.

But I’m not an entire screw up, over my dead body will I let myself go that far to becoming a lazy, no good, boring, rag doll. I can only hope that all of you have enjoyed you Halloween holiday and October month and are ready for loads of posts that will not end till the end of November. haha

Well, it is off to bed now and I do hope you all have sweet dreams and do not let the bed bats bite, much. ^,.,^ But if it’s me, makes sure I’m allowed a nibble. 😉

Tons of Love Bites,