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Best part about working at a Halloween store, I can say, is being surrounded by all the wonderful dark treats, costumes, and gory blood prints, organs and bats along with fog machines. I’m giving away too many fun details. Haha

Although, what’s better than a free for-all dinner buffet?

I found dinner! Haha
There is more of course! What from stickers to zombie X-ing’s.




It is simply too much fun. I feel like a kid in a candy store, only the candy store is a halloween store and I’m working there. *sigh* Home, sweet home. But it’s not always a happy wonderland all the time (okay, yes it is) sometimes the customers are quite interesting to keep your eyes on, especially after catching one of them staying in one section of the store for over two hours, walking around, then back to the same section of the store for another two more hours. A total of four hours! Honestly, what could you be up to in  a Halloween store for over four hours (unless you were me, but even then it’s a little too much).

Suspicious fellow. -,.,- Thankfully my manager came by and saw the boy, so knew what was up. To tell the truth though, I’m sure (without a doubt) he was snatching some things and taking the “five-finger discount”. Everyone’s done that, no one is innocent, but really, for not much?! hmmm….

Well, it’s off to sleep and curling up in my blankets since it is getting to be quite cold over here, and VERY breezy.

Tons of Love Bites,