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Yes it is! Can you believe it; this girl just got herself a job interview and scored that very job all in one day!? I was at first worried since it is of course my first actual job and what with showing no work experience, even more anxiety washed over me. Made it on time at 04:00 pm (16:00), had to wait a bit though what with everyone running around and the busy hours kicking in, but the interview went smoothly, was asked when I can start, and all that is needed is to show up tomorrow to put myself into the system and tadaa!

I’m still in shock, but the good shock and was congratulated by my sweet friends and my sweet darling love. But my celebration to me was enjoying a sweet night watching Mel Brooks- “Dracula: Dead and Loving It” with Jess, Brian and Vicky. ^,.,^ ❤

Haha, and laughing from enjoying the comical events in the film.

But I will begin next week and receive my schedule then and slowly fit in to my new work routine. Wish me luck!

Tons of Love Bites,