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Usually Thursdays have been nights for getting together with my two sweet girls, or three sometimes, to go off and hangout at Gametime and play DDR or other sorts of games like House of the Dead 2 or racing games or even pool, but having felt weak and the new crisp air of the Autumn season; I needed a bit of resting and the cats were due for their baths. But first some claws had to be cut.

Once arriving home it was nice enough to sit outside for a little while with Jojo (speaking of which it looks like he keeps growing and growing).


Aww, what a cutie. ^,.,^

Afterwards, it was time for the cats’ bath. Nemo was the first runner up, poor thing really needed one desperately. Not because he was filthy, but because the cat litter we had been purchasing previously before was a veterinarian approved one that helps prevent elder cats from having trouble peeing and kidney issues. It was of a very sandy/crystal like material, so it wasn’t bad and it helped a lot, but of course what it did do wrong was that the powder or silt from the kitty litter, stuck on to their fur and made them feel weird and their paws almost too dry. I wasn’t too happy with this.
But it’s a helpful kitty litter for elder cats, just don’t remember the name. -,.,-
Any who, Nemo was the first one into the bathtub and did very well for it being his first “man-handled” bath. Haha
He was a bit shaky, but slowly hot back on his toes and was as spry as a newborn kitten. As for Bella, she did okay, but jumped out seven times from the tub. >;;,.,<;; oh boy.
Thankfully Mimi didn't have this problem because of her being a healthy girl and always being licked to death by Bella.
Although.. My ribs are killing me now. Seems like they got their revenge. But the tally is still Izzy: 2 points, Nemo and Bella: 0 points. Haha

After all that a nice nap sounded marvelous and was just what I needed after taking a shower myself.

What with all that resting though, dinner had yet to be done so here's a simple yet healthy and light dinner that is Montignac Method approved.

Forbidden Rice with Scallions and Spicy Sausage-

-3/4 cup of forbidden rice
-2 spicy kielbasa (Polish for sausages)
-2 scallion stalks, washed and rinsed, chopped finely
-2 or 3 cloves of shallots, chopped finely
-1 cup water

– In a small pan or skillet, over medium heat, add water and rice. Bring to a boil, cover and let it simmer for 30 minutes reducing heat to low.

– Chop scallions and shallots finely. When rice is done, place in plate, pour about 1/8 cup (2 tbsp) olive oil in pan and add scallions and shallots, cook until caramelized. Place on rice.

– Cut sausage, and cook in pan on medium. Serve and devour.






Lady wanted to be a part of the cooking. ^,.,^



Tons of Love Bites,