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Happy Friday everyone! Well, belated Happy Friday since I was unable to post anything this Friday. But it was quite an interesting Friday and I was very happy with many things and yet not so happy with a lousy headache.

The previous plan was to simply visit my sweet Jess since I hadn’t seen her Thursday or my sweet Sammi. But things went for the best when we were off to watch the film “Sinister” after seeing such a lovely view.

Fridays makeup had to be exceptional. The outfit was a simple yet adorable look. A puffed sleeve shirt with a skull stamp, lace hemmed skirt, cyber stockings and plain black knee high stockings and boots.


Don’t know if you can see it, but there’s the skull. Oh, the makeup was inspired by Adora BatBrat, with a touch of my dots. I think it turned out quite nicely.




After getting ready, we were then off to the cinema to watch Sinister. The trailers, mind you, were very deceiving since it appears to be worth the money and very interesting. It wasn’t even close to consider it a B horror movie. It started at 05:20 pm (17:20) and yet an hour and a half into the movie, it felt like it was still the beginning. It was too confusing and thrown all over the place, but the stories of the murders and films of the murders in the film are just sickening because you can’t believe that yes, there are insane, sick people out there who would do such vial things. My rate: crap. But it was nice to hang out with Jess and some new friends. Although, I was asked what’s with the goth? Never heard that before, but I assume they’ve never seen one before. o,.,o
Although, good thing about Sunset is the seasonal Halloween store that is set up in the mall every year. So Monday afternoon I shall turn in my application. Wish me luck!

The night was still young and it was finally time to spend the rest of it with my two darlings, Jess and Brian. <;3
We first went over to visit Jess' hairstylist. Such a lovely man, very sweet and really cool with liking the goth subculture and the alternative lifestyle. I most certainly recommend going to him for a trim or a neat hairdo when around or if you're living here in Florida. The place is called COUTURE salon.



It was then time to leave the salon and beat Jess’ mom home and enjoy some ice cream. Although there was too much laughter to do so… Don’t ask why. -,.,-

Well, I hope you all enjoyed your Friday as I did mine.

Tons of Love Bites,