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Wednesday was wonderful and different with feeling a the change in the air. It’s dry and has a crisp feel to it now. A comfortable and loving breeze. Although a little too breezy. So happy I made an investment in buying those bloomers. Hey, they are the best things as a pair of “shorts” yet being knickers. Kind of. I usually am able to find them in some stores here in my area, but I prefer buying them online from GoodGoth, Adora BatBrat’s shop, or Lip Service. They are the best and keeps the bum covered and is better than having to wear actual shorts underneath the skirts. But Wednesday was quite nice and I had a cool ride that day too.
The train was black and had Captain Morgan on the side of the doors and with neat slogans from the new commercials.




Haha, such a wonderful train ride for a goth. ^,.,^
It was then off to visit my Jess and see Brian! Wiiiii! ^,.,^
Here was outfit for the day. Plain black long-sleeve shirt, corset dress, lace stockings and boots. Was running a bit late that morning and yet it all was smooth sailing. Hmm, wonder how this happens at times.


Not much, but it’s at least a simple one for those really groggy mornings. But there’s no excuse for me. I should wake up earlier that way I’m not running late especially since I know how unpredictable public transportation is (or any kind of traffic and transportation that is).
Hopefully there’s an improvement in this. Slacking off in the mornings is NOT good.