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Yesterday, October 5th, it was theatre night and the movie that was the must see of the night (and century) was Hotel Transylvania. Of course, who better to go watch the movie than the three Goths themselves (Brian, Jess and I)!? We were all decked out as our lovely, dark clad selves and with an extra treat, got two tickets for free. Reason why was from the incident that occurred last time Jess and I went to watch a movie in the theatre. With that we were set and in the theatre and on to our seats with a second to spare before the movie began! Phew, we are lucky. ^,.,^
Not to worry though, I shall not spoil the movie for guys. Although I will say this, we laughed and laughed and awed and danced in our seats. Well, me and Jess did, and our sweet Brian was laughing his lungs out. Haha
While leaving the theatre we got free “Frankenweenie” posters. Such a cute dog! I think I’d hug him till he fell apart and I had to fix him.
Of course, it was also a special Friday night, not only because of our fun night, but because it was our sweet birthday boy Jose’s birthday! It was off to Gametime by then and to give him and a few other friends lots of hugs and play some pool. Sadly, I hadn’t played in over 8 years. Spare me the humility please! But no, I was not spared and so while hitting the balls on the table, haha, I did poorly, Brain placed a new set of balls on another table so Jess can help get my rhythm back with Brian. And you know what? After a few minutes (alright, make it 00:30 minutes) I was back on track and doing better than when I started. Of course practice makes perfect, so back to the pool tables another night to get my pooling on. Haha
Then we were off, after playing against Jess and winning at a marvel character game with my alien and using my acid! Mwuahahahaha!!!
To Wendy’s first for a bite (we hadn’t eaten all day) and then to celebrating Jose’s birthday with a party! 😉 ^,.,^
Bacardi anyone? Or Vodka?! Haha

All in all, it was a wonderful time and I cannot wait for our next fun day/night out. Now I miss my three darlings, but I will see them soon. ❤

Tons of Love Bites,