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Besides having been a little late to class, the day was as wonderful as ever. From meeting my sweet friend Nikko and then walking around the campus giving a bit of a tour was nice. Although, you know when it’s laundry day and we goths only have a skirt or pants and a shirt to wear that day of the week and it’s a late morning and out of nowhere in your campus or just somewhere, someone compliments you on your Demonia Boots, but when you get closer they say you’re not goth and give you that look of “where’s the shaved off eyebrows” or “where are piercings and tattoos and depressed attitude”?! Yeah, I got that myself today. Not that it’s a first, but I really despise that many people are so synchronized into thinking the stereotypes on a certain subculture; Goth especially. So I had to explain my reason for being dressed down in only my cyber stockings and black knee high stockings in my demonia boots with my black lace hemmed skirt and some shirt. He apparently deems that by one experience as non-Goth. People today have this mind-set that goths are rude, depressed and with tattoos. I’d love to see such a goth because to tell you the truth last time I checked, all the goths I know are very happy and always with a wonderful mindset. So was this guy going by his perception and stereotype opinion… Yeah.
But it was then time to get going and before that a nice guy, Danny was his name, was taking photos for his photography portfolio and asked if we’d like to be taken professional photos of. Hell yeah! So it was a girl from my speech class (nice girl, great taste in boots ^,.,^), my friend and I. Then there was a chance for single shoot photo, and the goth girl was the lucky one. The pictures came out beautifully taken and I recieved quite a lovely compliment as well. Looked very pretty in the photo. Made my day hearing such a nice comment.
After that, it was off to work on tons of homework and hang our with my sweet friend Nikko and then head off to catch the train before dark. Since fall is approaching here in Florida the suns hours have changed so now there is less daylight and an earlier night. Nothing too bad, I love it, but damn you train schedule!


So what have we learned, don’t go by your usual perception and stereotyped interpretation of something. It doesn’t do you any good and shows that you have ignorance. Yes, I can be brutal. But be open-minded and not a stick in the mud.

Tons of Love Bites,