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Talk about the living dead! I’m going crazy over here just thinking of what’s in store for this Halloween, but what’s best is how I’m going to enjoy all the trick-or-treating (I may be 19, but I love my Halloween goodies, plus it’s fun with the little siblings) and the fun times with my two lovely girls (Jess and Sammi)! ^,.,^

Things wont stop there of course, I have a new project in mind and I better stock up fast on lots of acrylic paint (it’s my most preferred medium) and canvases. Sadly my last project took up the use of my last and only clean canvas, so it’s off to Micheal’s Art Store or Pearl to purchase a few 28″x24″ or 17″x25″ canvas and large tubes of blue, black, crimson red, violet, titanium white, etc. So much to create! I’ll show the progress of it and the finished piece.

Now all that’s left to truly take time to plan for is the trip to Orlando with my sweet Jess and her brother Mike! ^,.,^ As you can see this goth girl has most definitely lost all sense of sanity (maybe). Hope all goes well, I’m crossing my fingers, or boney, veiny hands as how my little brother and everyone else seems to say I have. That’s not nice, hmph.. >;,.,<;

20121003-120555.jpg This is the most recent project that took the last canvas. Far from finished as you can see.

Tons of Love Bites,