Hook.. line and center. If it’s this easy to lock lips with Captain America then I’m sure a few people I know would definitely love to have this idea as the bulls-eye for any eye catching and lip action. Captain America… naughty boy you.

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Captain America Locks Lips with the Scarlet Witch

Captain America Locks Lips with the Scarlet Witch

As if it wasn’t enough that Captain America was here recently to film The Avengers~ word is that the cap will be back to the big NM for a 2nd round (but not with the Scarlet Witch 😦 )

North Carolina, Ohio, California, New Mexico, and Washington DC are some of the places being tossed around as film locations for the Winter Soldier. Some reports say the film ditched North Carolina, but New Mexico does appear to be a go! It seems Washington DC would be a perfect must on the film schedule for Captain America right? I guess we will see what happens?

The Winter Soldier is a sequel to Marvel’s The Avengers, which was played in my home over the weekend at least a handful of times (yes we bought the DVD this weekend). It looks like the first quarter…

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