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Friday’s here and it’s a chance to sleep in a little (or so I thought) and head out the door in Purple/Black Tripp Pants and my Tokyo shirt. Making good timing leaving at 08:54 and getting on the trolley at 08:57 AM. -Ahem.. forgetting something are we?-  Shit!! The metropass!! So the morning went from cool and calm to tormenting in a heartbeat. Damn it! Thankfully I got off before I was to far to make it back home under 10 minutes, but in this turn of events, I accidentally called my sweet friend Brian. *smacks forehead*

During the speedy walk home, my phone began to buzz and what do you know; “Incoming Call: Brian”. Picked it up, explained that I called by accident since I was in a panic for the damn train pass, and with TONS and I do mean TONS of luck, he was out of class early and was able to give me a ride to the campus! Thank you Brian! I’m sorry for that, but hey.. wasn’t too bad of a morning since I got to see him, do miss seeing one of my darling friends. Hug goodbye, out the car door, up the stairs and to the sixth floor.

Made it! Just in time too, while a film was being played. *sigh* Phew. Although, here’s the messed up part…Someone drive on by in a 1940’s Koach made from 3 Model T bodies and is 18′ long with Bone Jangles driving and Herman, Dracula and the Werewolf coming to pick me up and call me Spook-Gal; because as soon as I unzipped that pocket and took out my textbook, yep.. the DAMN CARD WAS THERE!! -,.,-

Wonderful those turn of events, huh!? Well, at least it was a good morning with seeing a friend, but a tormenting one at that with going insane trying to find the bloody thing only to discover that it was between Chapter 3 pg. 57-58. Seems to have been one of those days. But thanks again for ride love. I really appreciated it! I think my friends sometimes want to choke me secretly whenever those things occur. >,.,<

Onto uploading a tutorial of a gothic makeup (dead doll w/ wound). Cross you fingers!

 I have such a headache. x,.,x

Tons of Love Bites,