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For a while, questions have piled in for goth outfit idea or makeup tutorial, but since having uploaded the goth outfit video, I’ve been asked by curious viewers on some techniques of new idea for applying my eyeliner or goth makeup. Here’s on of the lovely girls.

Izzy Maria Sznurkowski

  • Hello ^,.,^

  • Alex Lugo

    • I was wondering if you know any other techniques for doing your eyeliner since you posted them on your wall.

    • Im tired of the one every day and i have a party on saturday so i wanted to change it .,_.

Izzy Maria Sznurkowski


Izzy Maria Sznurkowski

Sure thing. I’m going to upload the video tonight along with few other ideas. It will be posted on my blog if you want a new technique. http://www.gothicheartsand batwings.wordpress.com

Now, I was a bit reluctant at first when deciding to go forth with the idea of making a tutorial, but I went ahead and completed it. As for the upload.. that process has been taking too long, 3 hours to be exact. So unfortunately it seems that I have no other alternative except to check in on the processing tomorrow morning. If it has not been processed by then, I will simply edit the raw footage and shorten, trim, and split some peices; upload the tutorial, along with keeping fingers crossed, hope for the best and that Youtube doesn’t delay the upload as how it did all throughout yesterday and today.

For now, I can only give an example through the photos. I do apologizes for the inconvenience you guys. I wouldn’t have expected this from Youtubes uploading process, but it seems that there’s a time for everything.

Goth Makeup: Dead Doll w/ Wound


  • white eyeliner
  • black eyeliner
  • foundation (of your palor)
  • black liquid eyeliner
  • black eyeshadow
  • black gel eyeliner
  • black and red lipstick

Haha, can never hae too much black. XD

The wound is not for daily use in the makeup (or it can be), but it’s supposed to look “messy”. Afterall, you’re a dead doll. But if you wish to apply this makeup technique/idea for a daily look, simply apply everything except the wound and make the eyeshadow sharper,defined, or neat.

But it’s always nice to look spooky and like you’ve just risen from a deep slumber. haha

So here we go.

I’m not sure if you can tell, but for this I simply apply the white eyeliner first at the corners or near the tear ducts of my eyelid and at the waterline of the my bottom eyelid. The black eyeliner I apply at the top towards the outer corner of my waterline only so it meets the white eyeliner as well on the bottom eyelid near the tearduct so it connects to the white of the tear duct.

With the gel eyeliner, draw an extension or wing and then outline it with the liquid eyeliner (if you can see it).

 Like so, then add on the eyeshadow on the crease/contour and on the brow bone working you way towards the outer corner to the lower lid. Add the dots (optional) and with the gel eyeliner add the last two “wings” at the outer corner with the previous one being the biggest and the other two being the thinnest wings. Continue the same application to the next eye.

 Looking good.

Now for our wounds, if you want to look like you just came out unscathed (nearly) from a battle between the main three (Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf).

With your pinky finger, rub a bit of red lipstick and smudge a bit on a corner you wish to have an injury on. With the brush you’ve used for the black gel eyeliner, paint a little or dab it onto the red lipstick (for a dark shard of burgandy blood red) and draw out the outline of your wound. Be creative!

Wound should have a very gore-like appearance (if you can do it). I’m sure you can.

 Don’t worry, I’m not really bleeding. But wow, it looks like the real deal. Alright! ^,.,^ Happy Goth!

Afterwards, apply you black lipstick but make it look faded, and then a bit of red and done.

Hope this was of some aid to you. Let me know of anything that you might want to fnid out or are curious about on this look.

Tons of Love Bites,