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A good bath was well deserved for such an adorable dog (Lady) then of course one for me, but moving around still hurts like hell after having fallen down some steps, landing on the corner of the last steps right on my bum. Why!? Why does the ass have to suffer so? Now, you may be thinking “Izzy.. we warned you about those boots.” WRONG!

Mwuahahahaha!! In all honesty, I was walking down a few steps to the Florida Room (you know how you have sellers/basements, here in Florida we have Florida Rooms) and when placing my foot down onto the second step I slipped and *bang* fell down hard on the corner of the last step, killed my ankle and the left butt-cheek (sorry for being explicit). But no, in answer to that response, I was NOT wearing my Demonia Boots, I was wearing flip-flops. Only I can manage to kill myself going down some steps when going out for a simple bike ride. But my history with stairs/steps have not been all too wonderful, but hey; I’ve managed and done okay so far.

 Flip flops around the house= DANGER!!

 Demonia Trashville 502 Boots= NOT DANGEROUS!! (As long as you are comfy)

Thankfully though, when visiting Jess with our sweet friend Brian, there was no pain on the ride to and fro. But WOW!! I was surprised by Jess’ new hair color (which complimented her beautifully). haha, Aww, Harley Quinn is back! Yay. After window shopping around at Pearl, we were on our way back to her home and greeting by sweet just hyperactive doggies. But of course, right when I picked up the little Chihuahua (I was sitting so she wasn’t too high off the ground) she jumped and tumbled over. I felt horrible, but I was told not to be since (and I’ve known for a long time) she always jumps right out of a persons arms. But still, it worries the hell out of me since she is such a tiny puppy and I’m like gigantor compared to the tiny pooch. She was perfectly fine in the end of the whole matter; so no! Izzy is not the culprit, the dog just doens’t enjoy being man-handled. haha

So, from being tonights DJ (wihoo, this Goth girl has good taste in music) to heading for a visit, and seeing my beloved best friend, etc.; it was sadly time to head on home and get ready for tomorrow’s speech class. Hmm, lets see what tomorrows outfit will be and hopefully, hopefully, I will have the chance to upload three new videos tomorrow onto my Youtube (Supercon Day 3, Mizucon, and the daily events of being with my sweet darlings).

But before saying my goodbye (for now) a little bit of Camouflage is most definitely called for.

Tons of Love Bites,