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Black laced blouse, corset dress, stockings, and Demonia Trashville 502 Combat Boots= One hell of a happy goth girl. But there are many dark, macabre, elegant little things that intrigue me and put a smile of black covered lips (or red or “purple”) on my pale face; especially curious comments such as one I was asked by Sam.

Wow, I know how you feel about catching a train right on the dot by some miracle. It’s almost the same here in Missouri where I live. Not fun xP
I wanted to say that I love your blog! It’s so cute and that bats are super cute! I have a question though, as the one from a comment I saw a while ago, when will you do any crafts or if you do can you show one or even maybe give and idea for a makeup or something. I just love it and I’m new to being in my goth nature. Thanks

Aww, thank you for the sweet comment Sam, I try my best, although I’m not perfect in any way in my blogging. It is just a recreational activity (well, that’s how it started) and now is a life hobby. As for your question on when I’ll start crafting; I do craft and recently published a post on a craft idea Goth/Vintage Crafting: Dotted Lace Hairclip. I hope you enjoy it, but in answering your question, I craft on my leisure time. The dilemma with that of course is the timing of completion and having a chance to post it. However, I’m doing my best to organize my priorities at the moment so, please don’t be too upset with me; college is very time consuming.

As for whether I can make/demonstrate something on goth makeup, em… I’ve answered this plenty of times, but I’m apparently against the wall with that request. So, maybe I’ll grant your (and others’) wish on making a little video for an idea. Being that it can be something and knowing that you’re new to the subculture, it’s all on how you interpret it and perceive goth. So, I’ve made a small video on a goth outfit idea for those who are curious or would like a bit of help. I’ll also post the photos and few other things. But, if you would like to get more of a variation on outfits or makeup even, check out Adora BatBrat’s blog (http://adorabatbrat.blogspot.com/). Not to worry though, I’ll slowly, but surely post ideas for this.


20120914-212033.jpgOn my way home on the Trolley



20120914-212144.jpgIt didn’t show entirely, but this is as good as it gets with my trusty ipod cam (my professional camera is at home safe and sound).

20120914-212205.jpgIt looks like I have recieved a bit of a sunburn. >,.,<

Tons of Love Bites,